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Black Mountain Defense - CPL Certification, firearm tactics and techniques, urban defense education.

Survive The Fight

survive the fight (STF)

It's said that everyone has a plan... Until they get hit in the face. It's not whether you can take the hit that makes the difference. It's what you do after impact. That's what determines whether or not you Survive the Fight.

STF will help students develop the skills and mentality to survive and overcome lethal confrontations. Students can expect to be pushed to their limits in a controlled environment led by local, top tier Krav Maga and firearm instructors.

Proven tactics and drills utilized by military and police units from around the world will be implemented in the students' training. 

STF will prove to be a most challenging experience. It will push students further than ever before.

As the SEALs say, "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."